Give life to each track

What makes Prismify unique is that it uses and combines the possibilities offered by the entertainment areas from Philips Hue with the very detailed analysis about the track being played by Spotify.

It allows Prismify to achieve (in ideal conditions) perfect sync between the lighting and the sound.

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Why use Prismify 
over another app?

The synchronization between the track and the lighting that Prismify aims to bring you is to the nearest millisecond.

The lighting aims to convert the track into a light show that has a meaning. The colors, the time it takes for the brightness to reach its peak,... nothing is random.

Since each kind of music can benefit from different sets of settings, you are free to customize them.

You can:

  • Choose between multiple colors' scheme or create your own.
  • Select the order in which lights are played.
  • Adjust the overall brightness and the flashes' frequency.
  • Filter out sounds based on things like their loudness or their length.
  • Select when all lights should play a sound.
  • Attribute specific sounds to specific lights.

There are other settings that you'll discover in the app and more will be added.
Note that while most of the settings above are "premium", there are no specific limitations in the free version, it is completely usable with all your lights! But the default settings might not be the best for every taste and every kind of music.

Another "cool" thing to note is that you can enjoy the lighting provided by Prismify even if it's not the Spotify app on your mobile which is playing the music. The only thing needed in that case is that the same account is used on both Spotify apps.

Prismify in action

A few examples of Prismify with different styles of music.

Trance music

Test of Prismify with Diethylamide by Capital Monkey.

Lotr music

Test of Prismify with Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore.

Want to try Prismify?

Available for Android on the Play Store.